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  • I LOVE THIS CLINIC...…..Several years ago I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Moles' wife Tabitha. Tabitha was ordering flowers from the shop I worked at for a patients human. The patient had passed and the Clinic was sending their condolences to the owner. That touch my heart! Tabitha and I developed a caring relationship. Being a pet owner myself I thought " I am totally going to check out this clinic" since I had an 19 year old Poodle that is going to need some assistance soon. Sure enough that day did come, and that day Tabitha called the flower shop. I told her my situation and she said "I will have my husband Dr. Moles give you a call". The phone call came right away and he asked me if I wanted to bring my Poodle in after work. He even said he would stay after work just to help me out! WOW! ok I will be there I assured him. This was the day I had dreaded for awhile now, but after talking with Dr. Moles I felt confident in my decision. My son and I arrived with Pepe and was greeted by some amazing people. We were taken to a room where we met Dr. Moles. He consoled me and I trusted him and my decision. We talk and share stories and his empathy was truly heartfelt. Dr. Moles made the worse day a very smooth transition and I will be forever grateful. Whenever I get a chance to spread the word regarding Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic and the amazing owner's Chad & Tabitha Moles, believe me I do.

    Taryn Liggett

  • Shadow (our dog) stitches were due to be removed while vacationing in Bend. I contacted Blue Sky and inquired about having his stitches removed by them. The staff was amazing, they gave me an appointment on the day needed, retrieved his files from our current vet, and reviewed the files prior to arrival. Greeted promptly on arrival, short wait and Shadow was back to have his stitches removed. Wonderful service all around and they refused any type of payment for the procedure.

    Esther E.

  • 4.8 Google Rating

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