10 Questions to Ask Your Vet in an Annual Exam

Your pet’s annual exam with our veterinarian at Blue Sky Vet Clinic is your opportunity to ask questions about caring for your pet. This is the best time to get answers to observations you’ve made and can’t find a relevant answer by asking friends, family and Dr. Google. The veterinarian can give you direct answers to your questions as they examine your pet and provide the best possible advice for your pet’s ongoing care. Here are 10 questions you can and should ask during the annual exam:

1. Is My Pet Overweight?

Some pets look like they’re carrying excess weight but are within their normal BMI for their breed and build. A vet can tell you if your pet is within an acceptable weight range or could stand to gain or lose a few pounds.

2. Does My Pet Need a Dental?

Pets should get an annual dental to make sure their teeth and gums are healthy, and that plaque and tartar buildup is kept under control. The vet can give you an idea when you should get the dental done.

3. Should My Pet Get a Blood Test?

A blood test is usually part of the annual checkup, but if it’s not, ask. An annual blood test helps you keep on top of your pet’s health and get ahead of common issues that arise as they age.

4. Why Does My Pet Have These Bumps?

Pets are likely to form fatty tumors, aka lipomas, or cysts with age. If one has formed on your pet since your last visit to Blue Sky Vet Clinic, make sure to bring it to the attention of the vet.

5. When Should Flea and Tick Prevention be Used?

The vet can tell you when to start applying flea and tick prevention for young pets as well as what time of the year is best for a fresh application of repellent.

6. Does My Pet Have Up-to-Date Shots?

It’s always a good idea to make sure your pet gets their vaccinations on their intended schedule. Ask the vet to check and see if your pet is due for a booster.

7. I Feed My Pet (Insert Brand Here). Should I Be Feeding a Different Food?

The food you’re feeding your pet may meet the minimum standards put out by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), but is it right for your pet? Ask the vet to find out if you should continue feeding the brand or if you should switch to a different kind.

8. How Much Exercise Does My Pet Need?

Pets need exercise to help them stay on top of their game, but age and degenerative conditions can make it difficult for them to keep up with regular activity. Ask your vet about age and condition appropriate amounts of exercise.

9. What are the Common Diseases for My Pet’s Breed or Age?

Some pet breeds have diseases and illnesses associated with their bloodlines, and most pets will experience age-related diseases and conditions. The more you know about them, the better care you can provide your pet throughout its life.

10. Which Toys and/or Treats are Right for My Pet?

Some toys have small parts that are easily chewed off and swallowed by pets while some treats contain ingredients that cause an allergic reaction or are harmful to your pet. Your veterinarian in Bend can advise you on which treats and toys are best for your pet.