10 Ways To Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day! The concept of a day to show your love for your pet may be a bit extra as you already love your pet, but it’s more than that. The National Love Your Pet Day gives you a reason to reflect on how these furry companions have made your life better, and what you’ve done to improve their lives in turn. Following is a list of 10 things you can do for your pet to show them how much you love and appreciate them.

1. Feed a Special Treat

Is there a food or treat you know your cat or dog loves, but you can’t feed every day? Make February 20 a day you bring home a favorite treat and watch your pet enjoy it.

2. Get a New Outfit

Some pets are just crazy about getting dressed up and love showing off their outfit. Reward them with a new coat or fancy collar.

3. Donate to a pet charity in your pet’s name

Animal shelters do a lot of work to help animals in need, and donations are always welcomed and appreciated. Donating money, blankets, food, litter and other needful things in your pet’s name is a great way to share the love.

4. Get Your Picture Taken With Your Pet

Bring your cat into the studio for a portrait or pose with your dog at your favorite park or trail. It’s a fun idea and gives you a pic to put in your wallet or frame and place on the mantle.

5. Schedule a Trip to the Spa

Keeping your dog or cat groomed goes a long way towards keeping them comfortable and looking good. Get a breed or body-appropriate cut and nails trimmed for your dog or have your cat’s trouble spots trimmed so they can groom themselves more easily.

6. Take Your Dog to the Pet Store

Many pet stores allow people to bring their dogs with them to the store. If you’re not in the habit of bringing your dog, use the day as a reason to go and have your pup help you pick out their next toy or treat.

7. Host a Playdate for Your Dog

Dogs are pack animals and enjoy interacting with other dogs. If your dog has a favorite friend or you’d like to get to know other pet owners in the neighborhood, host a playdate and let everyone have fun.

8. Make an Appointment With the Vet

Maintaining your pet’s health is an excellent way to show your pet how much you love them even though they may not agree. Monitoring your pet’s health with regular visits to the veterinarian can help prevent disease and keep chronic conditions manageable.

9. Spend Some Extra Time With Your Pets

Animals bond with their people by spending time with them. Take your dogs for an extra-long playtime in the park or a longer walk than usual with rest breaks. Play with your cats for a longer amount of time and seek out their company while you hang out around the house.

10. Tell Them You Love Them

Maybe you haven’t said “I love you” to your pet for a while, or maybe you do it every day. Take the day as a reason to tell your pets that you love them, a lot.