Playing In A Dog Park

13 Tips for Dog Parks in Bend

The City of Bend is full of dog parks to give your dog a safe place to run off their energy, roam and explore, and socialize with other dogs. Some dog parks in Bend, such as Riverbend Dog Park, give water-loving dogs the opportunity to follow their instincts and take a dip. Before you go, however, you should follow dog park etiquette so you and your dog can have a good time without needing a visit to the veterinarian in Bend. Following are a few do’s and don’ts for dog park etiquette to ensure everyone has a good time and no mishaps are had.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Park Etiquette

There are written and unwritten rules of taking your dog to the dog parks in Bend. Make sure to check the rules of the park before you go or take the time to read the rules as posted before you and your dog step inside the boundaries. Here’s some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind and ensure that you and your dog have the best possible playtime.

Do’s of the Dog Parks in Bend

  • Keep your dog on a leash when in areas that are designated as on-leash. No one wants to deal with a loose dog that’s not being controlled by their owner.
  • Know your dog’s personality and how they behave around other dogs. If your dog is a social butterfly, make sure they don’t go overboard with trying to make friends. And if your dog is timid or shy, keep them aside from large groups of dogs.
  • Move around the park and keep your dog focused on you instead of other dogs.
  • Bring small dogs to the small dog area for smaller dogs so they can play without getting steamrolled by bigger dogs.
  • Keep dog waste bags handy so you can clean up after your dog and help keep the park clean.
  • Visit Blue Sky Vet Clinic to make sure your dog has its vaccinations up to date.
  • Make sure your dog has good recall and behaves when being leashed or held by the collar.

Don’ts of the Dog Parks

  • Leave the treats at home as you never know when you’ll encounter a dog with food aggression.
  • Don’t bring a puppy that’s less than five months old and/or hasn’t received all of their shots.
  • Don’t lose sight of your dog or leave them alone for an extended period of time. Your dog can get into trouble faster than you realize.
  • Prevent your dog from approaching and overwhelming them before they have a chance to get inside the fence.
  • Don’t allow aggressive behavior to progress. The moment you realize that your dog or another dog is acting aggressive, break up the interaction.
  • Don’t bring your dog to the park if they are showing signs of illness or pain. Instead, make an appointment with us at Blue Sky Vet Clinic for help.

Following the rules of the dog parks in Bend and keeping an eye on your dog are key to good dog park etiquette. Your dog gets to have fun while socializing with other dogs in a safe and polite fashion, and you get the pleasure of watching your dog enjoy life to the fullest without worry.