5 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Pets

When it comes time to hang the stockings from the chimney with care for Christmas Day, make sure to hang stockings for your pets and share the festivities with them. Fill it with their favorite treats or get that new collar for them that you’ve been looking at. Or focus on small items like catnip mice, sparkly and crinkly toys, even dental treats for dogs and cats. Just about anything goes as long as it can fit into the stocking. If you’re not sure what kind of stocking stuffers are appropriate for your pet, contact your veterinarian in Bend to learn more about what’s safe and what should be avoided.

1. Special Treats

Pet treats are something that should be offered for a special reason such as a reward for being good or because the pet treat contains a supplement. Break the rules and get your pet their favorite flavor or try something new that you think will appeal. The holiday season is about feeling good, and nothing feels better than making your pet feel loved with their favorite treat.

2. Favorite Toys

A pet’s favorite toy is something that gets chewed on, batted around, carried, and eventually gets beaten up or destroyed. Pick up a bunch of their favorite toys, along with some new ones, and fill up the stocking to have plenty on hand as replacements for when the last one inevitably gets ruined. Better yet, get the toughest version of their favorite toy you can find so they get plenty of play and you get a break from finding replacements.

3. Chew Toys for Dogs and Cats

Dogs are more likely to chew and gnaw than cats, but there are cats that like the opportunity to stimulate their gums, too. Dogs also tend to be easier than cats when it comes to finding toys and objects intended for chewing, but since you’re stuffing a stocking, go ahead and buy a few different varieties of cat chew toys to find out which one they like the best. Dental stimulation is good for both species and you can’t go wrong putting them in a stocking.

4. Fashion Accessories

Does your cat look business casual when a bow tie is attached to his collar? Or does your dog look sweet when she’s wearing a pink bandana? Kick up the accessory game a notch and get them personalized accessories as part of their daily wear. If your dog has bangs, get them some hair clips to give them some extra color.

5. New Daily Gear for Your Dog

Pick up some new leashes, collars, folding bowls and bottles for food and water, harnesses and poop bag carriers for your dog and your cat if they like to go outside on a harness. In Bend, dogs are outside year-round in all types of weather. A new collar or harness to replace ones that are wearing out is a great stocking stuffer and a great way to start the new year.