5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is all about having spooky fun and collecting loads of candy. It’s also a great excuse for dressing up your pet and taking them with the family for tricks and treats. But sometimes there are more tricks than treats for pets what with people looking to start trouble and celebratory items that can be toxic. Here’s a look at 5 Halloween safety tips from veterinarians at Blue Sky Clinic in Bend, Oregon, for your pets so everyone can get their scare on in a safe and fun manner.

1. Keep Pets Inside for Their Safety

Unfortunately, not everyone has good intentions on Halloween and pets sometimes become a target. Make sure your pets are accounted for and kept inside on Halloween. Don’t let them out unattended and never let them out of your sight when they’re outdoors. You might want to keep pets inside for a day or two after October 31st for additional safety.

2. Isolate Flighty and High-Strung Pets in a Closed Room

Not all pets are suited to the comings and goings of trick-or-treaters. They may be frightened by the sight of an unknown person dressed up in a costume at their front door. And other pets may try to take advantage of the constant opening and closing of the front door to slip outside. Put your pets inside a room and close the door instead of taking the risk that your pet may have an adverse reaction to the comings and goings at their front door.

3. Keep Halloween Candy and Glow Sticks Away From Pets

Candies and glow sticks contain ingredients that are toxic to animals. Some ingredients cause a mild irritation in the mouth or digestive system while others can cause organ failure if ingested in large enough quantities. Make sure to store all trick or treat bags out of the reach of curious mouths.

When it comes to glow sticks, dogs view them as they would a bone and gnaw on them. If a dog breaks open a glow stick, the ingredients contain a liquid known as dibutyl phthalate. The ingredient is viewed as an irritant rather than a toxin, but it can irritate the lining of a dog’s mouth.

If your pet ingests something they shouldn’t have, call your veterinarian in Bend to get immediate care. The sooner you take action, the better for your pet.

4. Put Jack-o’-Lanterns and Candles in a Stable and Safe Location

If you’re using candles to light up your carved pumpkins, make sure that you place them in a spot where pets can’t easily knock them over. The same goes for lighting candles to set a spooky mood. You don’t want a pet jumping up next to either of these objects and burning themselves or starting a fire.

5. Make Sure Your Pets are Comfortable Wearing a Costume

It’s fun to dress up your pets, but your pets might not feel the same way. Put each piece of a costume onto your pet first to make sure they’ll tolerate the sensation of the item on their body and that they don’t overheat. If your pet is comfortable wearing a sweater or a coat, try to find a costume with the same style to make wearing a costume easier on your pet.