5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Pet in Bend

Earth Day reminds everyone to appreciate the world around them and do something kind for the environment. Recycling, picking up trash, planting native species in your yard, and taking public transit or riding a bike instead of driving a car are all ways in which you can help the earth. This year, bring your pet along for Earth Day or do something for your pet that helps reduce strain on the environment. Following are some ways you can celebrate Earth Day with your pet and help make a difference in the world around you.

1. Go for a Walk with Your Dog in the Park

Bend Metro Park & Recreation District has quite a few paths that are friendly to dogs. The Shelvin Park Loop and Deschutes River Trail run alongside the river. Water-loving dogs are free to take a dip or chase a stick for a game of fetch. While you’re waiting for your dog to return, make it a point to look for loose trash to pick up and toss into garbage cans. Also dry out your dog’s ears after they’ve been in the water lest they get a yeast infection that needs a trip to our vet clinic in Bend.

2. Take Your Cat to a Kitty Day Spa

Sometimes a cat needs their nails trimmed, mats removed, or get a lion cut for warmer weather. A kitty day spay can get all of these issues taken care of and keep your cat comfortable and enables you to turn the thermostat up a little higher on hot days to save energy. In the event your cat won’t do well at the groomer’s, bring them to see one of our veterinarians in Bend for grooming in a medical environment.

3. Recycle Gently Used Pet Supplies

Chances are good you have pet bedding, leashes, toys, bowls and other pet supplies your pets don’t use or just never liked. Animal shelters in Bend are always in need of these items. Donating unused or gently used pet supplies to animal shelters keeps these items out of the landfill and helps the shelters with keeping pets comfortable and entertained.

4. Walk Your Dog to a Dog-Friendly Brewery or Restaurant

Bend is full of breweries and restaurants that welcome patrons and their dogs. You can take your dog for a walk to an eating or drinking establishment with the knowledge they’re prepared to serve you and your dog. Walking means you can leave your car at home, everyone gets exercise, and you can enjoy an evening out without worrying about your dog at home. Don’t give your dog beer even if they beg. Beer isn’t good for dogs and ingestion can mean a trip to your veterinarian in Bend for help.

5. Hang Out at a Cat Café

Have you been considering a companion for your current feline? Bend is home to cat cafés where you can sit down with a cup o’ Joe, help fund feline rescues and “interview” potential new family members. A cat café gives you the opportunity to find out more about a cat in a non-shelter environment and maybe take them home with you. You’re not only saving a life, but you’re helping to reduce the feral cat population which in turn helps the wildlife population.