September Is National Pet Insurance Month

A Guide to Pet Health Insurance

The arrival of September marks the return of National Pet Insurance Month. It’s an annual event designed to raise awareness among pet owners about the value of carrying a health insurance policy for their pets. It’s estimated that only one in three pets is covered by a pet health insurance policy even though pet insurance can help a pet parent save money on a vet visit. Carrying a pet insurance policy can make the visit to the veterinarian in Bend cost less and prevent you from burning through your savings. Here’s a look at what pet owners should know about pet insurance:

How Pet Insurance Works

Pet health insurance provides health coverage for pets in much the same way as a human health insurance policy. Pet parents submit an application to the insurer for coverage and make monthly payments upon approval and acceptance. The major difference between human and pet health insurance is the fact that pet health insurance reimburses the pet parent for a percentage of the veterinary charges instead of paying the veterinarian directly. You have to select how much reimbursement you want to receive along with picking a deductible when you apply for coverage.

Types of Pet Insurance Policies

Multiple types of pet health insurance policies are available to a pet owner. They’re designed to cover different contingencies and pet owners have to decide on the policy type that makes sense for their pet. Following is a list of the most common types of pet insurance:

  • Time-limited policy
  • Maximum-benefit policy
  • Accident-only plans
  • Pet wellness coverage
  • Lifetime policy

Some policies provide a bare minimum of coverage while others are comprehensive. You can expect to pay more for a full coverage plan than a plan that only covers specific conditions or situations.

If you’re unsure on what policy to apply for, talk to us about what type of coverage they would recommend for your pet. We can offer advice based on the health history of your pet and potential health conditions that your pet may experience with age.

The Benefits of Having a Pet Insurance Policy

Pets are prone to accidents, chronic health conditions and illnesses that come with age the same as their pet parents. Sometimes these issues get costly and many pet owners resort to credit cards or borrowing money to pay the bills. Having a pet insurance policy reduces the financial burden on the pet owner and keeps costs manageable. You still have to pay the veterinarian for services rendered, but you won’t be out-of-pocket for your costs for long.

Get Coverage While Your Pet is Young

The older your pet, the less likely you are to get a policy that covers the cost of their care. The best time to get a policy is when your pet is young and is within the accepted age range for the insurer. Once you get coverage and maintain regular payment, you can keep your pet covered for its lifetime regardless of their health status.

Still not sure about getting a pet health insurance policy? Talk to our veterinarians at Blue Sky Vet Clinic to learn more about the benefits of carrying health insurance for your pet.