Bread Dough Toxicity – Why Dough is a Don’t

bread dough 1We are quickly moving towards the time of year where baking becomes a frequent event.  Our canine and feline companions love to hoover below us trying to pick up a scrap of anything they can find.   Did you know that uncooked bread dough can be lethal to your pets?

That rising loaf of dough once consumed will begin its own fermentation project inside your pets stomach.  This fermentation will form carbon dioxide and ethanol.  The carbon dioxide makes the dough continue to rise and the yeast breaks down the sugars into alcohol (ethanol).   There then begins two different emergencies.  1) the rising dough can distend the stomach causing a bloat scenario that alone can be painful and life threatening 2) the continued formation of ethanol can lead to in the first two hours- incoordination, depression of the central nervous system and if left untreated long enough respiratory depression and cardiac arrest.

If you believe your pet has ingested raw bread dough do not attempt to make them vomit and immediately seek veterinary medical attention! The bread dough can cause an esophageal obstruction if not vomited up completely.  When the stomach is distended already from the dough and you attempt to make them vomit; you can run the risk of causing the stomach to perforate if a section had been distended to the point it lost blood flow and became ischemic.

We will always accept urgent care and emergency situations outside our regular scheduled appointments! Please do not hesitate to call!  You may contact us at 541-383-3833 during normal business hours.  We are located just east of Brookswood and the Parkway – Hwy 97 – at the corner of Powers and 3rd st.

If it is out of our normal business hours please contact the Animal Emergency Clinic at 541-385-9110 –


bread dough 2
bread dough 3