tips for common dog behavioral problems

Common Dog Behavioral Issues

As much as we all love our beloved four-legged friends, we’ve all experienced undesirable behavior issues with either our own or someone else’s pet. Identifying the behavior, isolating the problem and being educated on the common issues and treatments, is the best solution for helping your pet stop the behavior. A dog’s natural instinct is to please

common indoor and outdoor toxins for dogs

Common Toxins for Dogs

  Indoor Toxins We’ve all been there…eating a snack and our sweet four-legged friends come by to see what all the fuss is about, and you can’t help but want to chum them some of your delicious food. Think twice before doing it because it just might end up hurting your companion. There

sick and ill jack russell dog resting having a siesta upside down on his bed with his teddy bear tired and sleepy

5 Common Dog Diseases

  One of the biggest challenges we face as pet owners are not being able to tell what is wrong when our beloved companion isn’t feeling well. Unlike humans, they can’t tell us with words, so we must learn to interpret their symptoms and non-verbal signs to know what’s going on with

Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea?

There’s nothing worse than discovering your dog has a bout of diarrhea, and especially when you don’t know the cause. Unfortunately, there are any number of reasons why your dog has come down with a case of loose stools, and they can sometimes require a trip to our vet clinic in Bend for help. Dogs

7 Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

Dogs are expressive animals that don’t hesitate to let you know how they’re feeling at any given moment. Their body language is easy to read which makes it easy for dog owners to understand what’s being communicated. Sometimes it happens that dogs engage in behaviors that seemingly goes against their grain and leaves you confused or angry.