Dog Parks in the Bend Oregon Area

All dogs need exercise as they can keep their bodies in shape, burn off excess energy and become socialized with other dogs. Instead of just walking your dog on a leash down the street and back home again, there are a large number of dog parks in the Bend, Oregon area. Let your dog frolic, explore and

Challenging your Pup

With the colder days of fall, it can be harder to get out as much, and your pup might be suffering from the lack of activity. While we know fall is a crazy time, it’s just as important to get your pet out and about so that they’re challenged and stimulated too. Fall is a

Water Safety for your Dog

You may think the doggy paddle comes natural to your pooch, but you might be mistaken. Some dogs take to water like fish, and some are slower to trust it. Not all dogs are born with the knowledge of how to swim and love the water, and some will be afraid of it their entire

Rattlesnakes and your Curious Dog

Something to consider during summer in the high desert is rattlesnakes. If you and your pup are fans of venturing out and taking hikes together it might be something that has crossed your mind. While there are immunizations for your pet, they can be pricey and you’re still required to bring your pet in, if

Dog Days of Summer

When the hot days of summer hit, it’s important to keep a close eye on your pup, especially if you’re spending lots of time outside. There are certain indicators that can tip you off when your pet isn’t feeling 100 percent. Take some time and be observant of your pet and their behavior. Paws If

Rattlesnake shot for Dogs

If you are an avid hiker in the area, and have ever come across a rattlesnake on a trail, it can be unnerving. If you prefer to hike with your favorite four-legged furry friend, rattlesnakes can become even more of a concern. Keeping a dog on-trail is hard to do, and most don’t hike with

October is Adopt a Dog Month

It’s estimated that anywhere from 3-4 million dogs are not adopted every year, and are euthanized or put down. If you’ve always wanted a dog, and are finally financially and emotionally ready to adopt a dog, this may be the perfect month to do so. Check out your local shelters and see what kind