5 Cold Weather Tips for Pets

With winter comes snow, sleet and ice — conditions that aren’t always delightful. Pets tend to tolerate cold weather more than humans due to their fur coats, but they can’t always cope with freezing temperatures and walking on icy surfaces or ones treated with anti-ice measures. Here are some tips from to help keep your

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holiday season means we bring in a lot of things into our homes that we don’t always have throughout the year. And we travel long distances which means making the decision to travel with pets or leave them at home. Some holiday decorating items are toxic to pets and you want to exercise caution when

Thanksgiving Dinner for Pets

Thanksgiving dinner means delicious smells throughout the house to tempt your four-legged dinner guests. You probably find yourself sharing some of the best parts of the meal with your pets and don’t think further about it. Most of the food you serve at Thanksgiving is safe for your pets and one ingredient, pumpkin, is an

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pets

Halloween means it’s time to dress up your pets for pictures and trick-or-treating activities with the family. It’s also a time of increased risks in various forms for pets, which means paying closer attention to ensure their safety. Keeping pets safe during Halloween requires increased vigilance, but it’s relatively easy and simple to keep them safe

Summertime Dangers for Pets

Warm weather means more activity for people, pets, weather and undomesticated critters. It also brings a host of dangers for pets. Being aware of pet distress and signs of injury to the body, as well as being more careful with letting a pet outside or off-leash is key to getting your pet through the summer

Spring Safety Tips for Your Pets

With spring comes the opportunity to spend more time outdoors with our pets, bring in new items of the food and plant varietals, and do some cleaning. What you may not realize is that these activities and actions can be detrimental to your pets if you’re not careful. Sometimes spring-related activities can cause a trip

March is Poison Prevention Month

March is National Poison Prevention month, focusing on awareness of harmful toxins and poisons for both pets and their owners. We want to help keep your pets safe, so we’ve posted a list of both indoor and outdoor toxins that are dangerous for your pet on our website. You may not think certain types of