5 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

Most dogs take an interest in human food, and it’s fun to share snacks with your best four-legged friend so long as you know the foods to avoid.  The big question is if the snack you are enjoying is safe for your dog to ingest because there are some foods that are VERY dangerous and

Fall Pet Health Tips

While we’re all looking forward to a cooler fall in Central Oregon, after a record breaking hot summer, there are hazards to your pet that come with fall weather. Here are some tips and insights from Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic to help your pet stay healthy in the fall season. Mushrooms Fall is a big

Air Quality and Your Pets

Everyone in Central Oregon is talking about the local forest fires. It seems that lately we just can’t catch a break on smoke from the fires and extreme heat. As we head into fall we hope the smoke will dissipate, and our hardworking firefighters will get fire under control. Until then, we’re all worried about