Celebrate National Pet Month

Pets give us unconditional love and affection and make our lives better in so many ways. They play with us, snuggle with us, entertain us, rest by our feet and make us feel better physically and emotionally. And now the month of May has been dedicated to raising awareness of the love and care for these wonderful creatures who we count as important members of our family.

Pets Offer Companionship and Love

Pets are known for their companionship and with all that they give us, they ask for so little in return — food, shelter, attention and care. It could be argued that the amount of love they give us far exceeds the effort we put into their daily care. What we do for them is easily integrated into our daily lives, and we don’t have to give it much thought. Yet they play games with us, show us affection, stay at our sides for as long as we let them and look to us for their needs without question.

Sure, daily life with pets isn’t always perfect, but any nuisances are quickly forgotten when a cat sits on your lap and purrs or a dog drops a battered tennis ball at your feet for one more throw. We’re filled with the joy that comes from spending time with animals and with each special moment, we’re reminded why we made the conscious decision to bring them into our lives.

Pets Make Us Healthier and Help Us Live Better Lives

You might already realize that dogs help owners and themselves stay healthy by going on walks several times a day. But did you know that the simple act of petting a cat and making it purr can reduce the risk a heart attack or stroke? Even an aquarium setup offers stress-relieving benefits from listening to the sound of the water circulating in the tank and watching fish interact with their aquatic environment. Science has shown again and again that owning a pet, regardless of the species, can improve your quality of life.

For many people, the simple act of caring for an animal makes them focus on something other than the cause of their daily stress. When their mind gets a break from stress so does their body, resulting in them feeling better. The benefits of owning pets far outweighs any reasons not to have them in your life.

The best way we can give back to the pets that love us unconditionally is to take good care of them. Make sure they get the nutrition they need for optimal health, see to their comforts at all stages of their lives, and schedule regular visits with a veterinarian for preventative medical care. In turn, help more pets find loving homes during National Pet Month by sharing with others how they bring meaning to your life and encourage more homes to open their doors to four-legged, finned, feathered or clawed companionship.