Challenging your Pup

With the colder days of fall, it can be harder to get out as much, and your pup might be suffering from the lack of activity. While we know fall is a crazy time, it’s just as important to get your pet out and about so that they’re challenged and stimulated too. Fall is a great time to get outdoors in Central Oregon, with leash restrictions on some trails lessening at the beginning of November.

Training and Obedience Classes

If you’ve never taken your dog to obedience training or some sort of agility training, it could be a fun thing for the two of you to do. It gets your dog out and about, meeting other people and other dogs. It’s beneficial for your dog to keep learning, like teaching them new tricks and rewarding them when they get it right.

When you take your dog to an obedience class, it helps you and your pup to communicate better with each other. Remember that any type of relationships take work, so help your dog, and work on better communication, more stimulation for them, and interaction with other dogs. Obedience classes are a fun thing to do with your dog. They’re typically not an intimidating environment, but are full of people who just want to have fun with their dogs.

Dog Walks

Dog walks do wonders for your pup. They love getting outside, and experiencing new sights and smells. If you can, avoid taking your dog on the same walk every day. Try finding different routes around the neighborhood, or to the dog park. Allowing your dog to get out and smell new things will enhance their mind as well.  Try taking them to new parks, on different trails, or even on a walk through a more urban area.

Toys and Puzzles

We’re constantly astounded at the great variety of puzzles and toys that exist for pets. Find stimulating toys for them, or ways to leave treats for them. Kongs can be a great way to leave treats for your pup when you’re gone, but make it slightly more complicated for them to receive them. There are even some DIY toys or food/treat distributors that you can find to make for your pup.

Talk to your vet in Bend Oregon, and ask what they would recommend for your dog. They might have some great suggestions for toys, classes, or hikes to take your pup on. Remember your veterinarian is a pet lover too, chances are they have some great places to take your dog on a walk.