Does Pet Insurance Cover Spaying and Neutering?

The short answer to the question is “it depends on the policy and type of coverage”. Many pet owners ask this question before making an appointment with the veterinarian in Bend for spaying and neutering due to the cost. However, most pet insurance policies don’t cover the cost of spaying and neutering as it’s considered an elective procedure. The fact insurers consider a vital surgical procedure to be elective seems contrary to the idea of taking proactive measures to keep your pet healthy and maintain annual appointments with our vet clinic in Bend. While this is the straightforward explanation, it’s not the entire story. Here’s a look at how pet insurance can cover spaying and neutering of your pet.

How Pet Insurance Works

Most pet insurance policies are considered catastrophic coverage in that they provide financial assistance for issues such as illnesses, accidents, cancer treatments, emergency care, prescriptions, and more. Some insurers offer more comprehensive policies than others, and shopping around can help a pet owner get better coverage for a manageable monthly premium. There are insurance companies that cover spay/neuter procedures, but the premium is usually a lot higher than a traditional policy. A good alternative to a pet insurance policy is to purchase a pet wellness plan for spaying and neutering along with other preventative healthcare.

Pet Wellness Plans

Pet wellness plans can be used in conjunction with an existing pet insurance policy or purchased as a standalone policy. A pet wellness plan covers routine care such as spaying and neutering for kittens and puppies along with vaccinations, dental cleanings, blood work, urinalysis and other preventative treatments offered by our veterinarians in Bend. This type of plan costs around the same per month as a traditional pet insurance policy and helps you save money on your pet’s healthcare throughout their life.

When weighing the combined annual cost of a wellness plan and pet insurance policy against the cost of spay and neuter surgery, you’ll find that you’ll come out ahead than if you were to pay the bill out of pocket. Carrying health insurance coverage for your pets helps reduce the cost of pet ownership over the long run.

Realities of Getting Pet Insurance for Covering Spaying and Neutering Procedures

Pet insurance usually doesn’t work like health insurance for people with HMOs and PPOs. Most of the time, you still must pay your bill when you bring your pet to the animal vet in Bend for a procedure. There are insurers that pay the vet directly, but usually only up to a set amount. Whatever the insurance doesn’t pay for, you must cover the rest. The reimbursement model requires you to submit the bill to them after your pet has undergone the procedure. The insurer examines the bill to determine which procedures are covered, and then reimburses you based on the deductible and percentage covered. You’ll be out of pocket until the insurer reimburses you.

If you get a pet policy or wellness plan that covers these procedures, make sure you’re able to pay the bill before making the appointment with our vet clinic in Bend. Pet insurance is worth having, but you need to understand how it works and what’s covered before you decide to purchase a particular policy or plan. Pet health care can sometimes be stressful, and the last thing you need is a surprise at the animal vet in Bend when you’re settling the bill.