Dog Parks in the Bend Oregon Area

All dogs need exercise as they can keep their bodies in shape, burn off excess energy and become socialized with other dogs. Instead of just walking your dog on a leash down the street and back home again, there are a large number of dog parks in the Bend, Oregon area. Let your dog frolic, explore and even swim in these dog-friendly areas. 

Bob Wegner Memorial – Pine Nursery Park 

Dogs have 17 acres of off-leash play space to explore and have fun. There is a large grassy run area and short trails. The area is fenced in while there is a seasonal splash pad to cool off hot pets. 

Big Sky 

Big Sky offers 12 acres of space for dogs as there are both fenced and unfenced areas. Dogs can take a swim at the nearby pond as well as go exploring to discover new things, and new dogs, along the way. 

Ponderosa Park 

At Ponderosa Park, there is space for dogs of all sizes. The 2.9 acres has a fully fenced area with picnic benches where pet owners can relax. There is also a park for smaller dogs. 

Awbrey Reservoir 

You and your pet can explore nature at Awbrey reservoir. There are 5 acres of unfenced trails. Your dog can run along the natural terrain and have fun. 

Always supervise your pet when visiting any of the dog parks in Bend, Oregon. Keep them on a leash in unfenced areas, and do not take aggressive dogs to unleashed areas. Also, review each park regarding information on whether they supply water for your thirsty pet, and yourself, or whether you must bring water along with you. Enjoy the dog parks in the Bend region as your furry friend will have a fun time.