DogTown USA: 5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day in Bend

National Dog Day is arriving soon, so why not treat your pooch to a different kind of adventure? As an experienced vet clinic in Bend, we know that the city has a reputation – and awards – for being one of the best places in the country for dogs. Central Oregon is packed with activities you can experience with your furry friend, and there’s no better time to plan something special. Let’s look at the possibilities!

1. Find a New Trail

Bend is packed with trails for you and your dog to explore, so chances are good there are a few that you haven’t tried yet. Exploring a new area is an olfactory adventure for your dog, filled with new experiences around every corner, so this is an especially great way to treat a dog that loves to go on walks. You can visit the Parks & Rec Trail Locator page to learn more. Check the “Dog Friendly” option to narrow it down to the trails your pet may like the most. Keep in mind most trails do require leashes, although there are some off-leash zones within the city.

2. Have a Beer with Your Dog

You shouldn’t literally share a beer with your dog (doggy biology doesn’t react to alcohol well), but Bend has an innovative solution for that. There are types of “dog beer” you can buy like Dawgrog that are liquid treats for your dog to enjoy and are safe for dogs to drink. The breweries around Bend also have patios and outdoor areas where dogs are welcome, so they can tag along when it’s time to try a new human brew! Some local restaurants even have dog menus where you can purchase a special treat for your pet while you’re there.

3. Cool Down at a Dog Water Park

It’s been a hot summer, and we know that can make it difficult to enjoy some outdoor activities with your dog when they are safer inside or in the shade. However, several dog parks in the city offer a playful way to cool down: Fountains and water features that are designed for dogs to play in. Bob Wenger Memorial’s Off-Leash zone at Pine Nursery Park is a good example with its season spray park, while other parks have easy access to the river or ponds for a quick splash.

4. Hit the River or Lake

Did you know that several Bend stores offer flotation devices for your dog? Properly equipped, your pet is ready to enjoy the water with you while you both cool down on the river or one of the many Central Oregon lakes. Kayaking, paddle boarding, and other activities work well with a dog that loves the water as much as you do!

5. Pamper Your Pet with a Grooming Session

Ask your Bend veterinarian where you can find excellent grooming services in Bend to treat your dog to a luxurious trim, cleaning, thorough brushing, or whatever they might need! Keep your furry friend’s coat trimmed and clean is important for both their health and comfort, and expert groomers are used to working with a variety of different dogs.

Remember, if you’re looking for a dog vet in Bend, Blue Sky is happy to help. We offer veterinary internal medicine in Bend plus a variety of health and wellness services to make sure your pets get the most out of life.