Fall Pet Health Tips

While we’re all looking forward to a cooler fall in Central Oregon, after a record breaking hot summer, there are hazards to your pet that come with fall weather. Here are some tips and insights from Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic to help your pet stay healthy in the fall season.


Fall is a big time for mushrooming. Lots of people will head out to hunt for mushrooms in the wild. If you’re planning a similar outing for yourself, please be sure to leave your pet at home. Mushrooms can be toxic for both humans and pets, but can certainly cause life threatening problems. While it’s hard for us to distinguish toxic mushrooms from non-toxic mushrooms, it can be harder for your pets to do so. Keep them at home, and head out on your own.


It can seem like the perfect time to get your pet outside. The hordes of tourists in Central Oregon have gone home, and kids have gone back to school. The trail can seem like the perfect place to take your pup. Be sure to be on the lookout for wildlife. Not only will deer be out in droves, but other animals will be too. If your dog is at risk for running after deer, it might be best to keep them on leash.

Fall is also the time that snakes begin to prepare for hibernation. This is when the possibility of bites increases, both to pets and humans. Be sure to know what kinds of venomous snakes are in your area, and where they’re most likely to be found. Try to avoid trails in similar areas, and keep an eye out for a pup, sticking their nose where it’s not welcome.

School supplies

If you have kids running around with new school supplies, and curious pups, it’s important to keep an eye on them. While most school supplies have low toxicity, lots of supplies have small pieces. While the products won’t be toxic to your pet, if they chew on marker caps for example, they’re still at risk for an intestinal blockage.

Cold Weather Poisons

If you have rodent problems in your home, you have resorted to rat and mouse poisons. Be extremely careful with your placement of these poisons. Not only are they harmful to your kids, but they’re highly toxic to your pets. If they ingest them it can be fatal, so be sure to have them out of reach or sniff of your pets.


With fall comes a plethora of great things, but it’s important to note that the season is changing and with it comes some new precautions you should take to keep your pet as safe as possible. If you fear your pet has gotten into something or is sick, call your local Bend veterinarian.