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Getting the Right Care for Your Furry Friend: Finding A Pet Vet in Bend 

We love our pets. They are indeed members of our family. They are always there to greet us when we open the door after coming home from school or work. They cuddle with us when we are sad, and play with us when we are happy. Bend, Oregon is named as a place with one of the largest population of dogs in the country. We always find room in our homes and our hearts for these furry animals.

Yet one thing to keep in mind is we need to keep our pets happy and healthy. They need to get the right veterinary care. It is important to make sure they are in the best health and identifying medical issues quickly so they get the treatment they need before the problems get worse. This will allow them to live for a very long time. Here are some helpful tips that you can use when you are looking for the right veterinary clinic in Bend, OR.

Check out the Vet Office

First impressions do count when it comes to veterinary offices in Bend. Look for clean and organized places. Evaluate how the staff handles making appointments and speaking with people who have sick animals. A calm and modern veterinary clinic will have staff that makes you, and your pet, feel welcome even during the busiest times of the day. Since pets can feel stressed when hurt, you want to ensure the staff are knowledgeable and competent to keep your pet calm at all times.

Ask About the Veterinarians Who Are Available

Find out the number of vets that are on staff and the hours that they work. You want to ensure that there will always be someone available and can take appointments if a staff member goes on vacation. Also find out how they handle emergencies or if they have emergency services. This information will allow you to figure out where else you can go for treatment in an emergency if your veterinary office does not have after hours service available.

Some veterinarians may have special knowledge and skills in specific medical treatments, such as geriatric care. Understanding what special interests they have can be a great benefit to your pet, especially if your furry companion has certain medical conditions where they require specialized care. Then you can create a special care plan with the veterinarian to ensure you pet has the medical treatments they need.