Celebrate National Dog Party Day

Four Ways to Celebrate National Dog Party Day

National Dog Party Day lands on June 21 of this year and marks the special bond between man and dog. It’s a reminder to celebrate your dog and show your appreciation for their companionship during the coronavirus pandemic. Make a weekend out of the celebration by going somewhere special with your dog to watch the sun set on the summer solstice which is on June 20. Social distancing makes it more challenging, but not impossible, to find ways to have a party for your dog and celebrate their presence in your life. Following are some ideas to help you out.

Throw a Party for Your Dog

Create a party for you and your dog that’s full of activities and a dog-safe cake. Get some balloons, pick up some new toys, and pet safe party favors to dress up your dog. Add in dog themed decorations to complete the look. Have some fun doing something absolutely goofy for your loyal companion and enjoy their excitement as you do things out of the ordinary. If you’re not sure of what foods are safe to feed your dog that look like bakery treats, give your veterinarian a call for information.

Go Crazy With a Favorite Toy

Does your dog have a toy that they can’t get enough of? Do they trash their favorite toy almost as soon as you get a replacement? Have a little fun and buy a bunch of the same toy, then place them around the house for your dog to find. It’s fun to watch the puzzlement on your dog’s face as they wonder why they’ve managed to get such a bonanza of toys. Once your dog has settled on a particular toy, stash the ones that are ignored. You’ll have a ready supply of toys for when the current one gets torn up.

Make an Obstacle Course in the Back Yard or Park

It takes some effort to set up an obstacle course for your dog which is why this is a good activity for a dog party day. Any number of objects can be turned into obstacles for your dog to navigate and negotiate. An obstacle course is a great way to improve your dog’s health, but make sure that you create a course that is suitable for your dog’s physical condition, size and breed background. You don’t want to turn a fun day into an impromptu trip to the veterinarian for a pulled muscle.

Find a New Treat for Your Dog to Enjoy

As a general rule, dogs don’t get tired of the same flavor day in and day out like people do. But it never hurts to have a broad range of options in case something goes wrong with a food your dog likes. Here’s how you can turn finding a new treat into a game on party day: Select different kinds of treats that your dog has never tried and put them in paper bags. Set the bags out in a row and make sure there are no visual differences on the bag for your dog to notice. Watch your dog sniff out the bags and show interest. Give your dog the one they show the most interest in and repeat the process again. It’s a fun way to expand the range of acceptable treats and have more foods to maintain your dog’s health.