Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pets

Halloween means it’s time to dress up your pets for pictures and trick-or-treating activities with the family. It’s also a time of increased risks in various forms for pets, which means paying closer attention to ensure their safety. Keeping pets safe during Halloween requires increased vigilance, but it’s relatively easy and simple to keep them safe from harm. Following are several tips to help you and your four-legged crew enjoy the day without stress.

Keep Candy Out of Reach of Curious Noses

When your kids bring home a candy haul, make sure they put it up out of the reach of pets and keep it there. Let them spread out their haul to sort and count their loot in their room with the door closed. Dogs love nothing more than to snatch a goodie made from chocolate and eat it faster than you can grab it out of their mouths. Chocolate is dangerous – it can make dogs very ill and require an emergency trip to the vet to resolve. Cats are less likely to go after candy, but there’s always the possibility a cat’s curiosity gets the better of them, and they nibble on something they shouldn’t. A cat can also get sick to the point where veterinary intervention is necessary.

Know Where Your Pets Are

People don’t always act on their best behavior on a day that’s supposed to be about harmless fun. They’re more likely to take unattended pets from yards for any number of reasons. Make sure your pets are indoors, are wearing collars, and are microchipped if you can’t keep a collar on them. If you know that you’re going to be opening your door quite a bit, keep your pets in a room or enclosed space away from the front door. It reduces the potential for an escape attempt by your pet. And younger trick-or-treaters won’t be intimidated by your dog even if they’re a friendly goof. Your pet may not be amused at being stuck inside, but it’s for their safety and your peace of mind.

Don’t Leave Glow Sticks Lying Around

To a dog, the length and shape of a glow stick resembles a yummy bone for gnawing on. Unfortunately, the chemicals inside a glow stick aren’t good for your dog even though the ingredients are non-toxic. The chemicals in a glow stick can cause gastric upset and make your dog ill. Cats aren’t likely to chew on a glow stick, but they may sample the contents of one that’s been broken. Once a glow stick has been used and there’s no more interest in it, dispose of it properly and eliminate the risk of a trip to the vet.

Is Your Pet Comfortable Wearing Their Costume?

It’s fun to dress up a pet in a costume, but make sure that your pet is okay with wearing an unfamiliar item before taking them out. Watch their body language for signs of discomfort along with chewing at the costume, attempts to pull it off or overheating. You’ll know if the pet is comfortable if their personality doesn’t change when the costume gets put on, and they’re able to wear it for a while.

Keeping your pets safe during Halloween doesn’t take a lot of effort. The goal is for everyone with two and four legs to have fun, enjoy themselves and stay healthy.