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Help your Pet avoid these Holiday Foods

During the holidays, there’s guaranteed to be a lot of food around. It can be easier for your pet to sneak a few bites of food when no one is looking. Foods around the holidays tend be even more unhealthy for your pets. Here are some foods to avoid, and tips for helping your pets avoid them too.

Toxic foods

We all know chocolate is terrible for dogs, but most people don’t know about other highly harmful foods like grapes or macadamia nuts. It’s important not only to keep these foods away from your pets, but also to instruct your guests to keep them away from your pets as well.

If you’re unsure if your pet can have something, it’s always helpful to look it up or talk with your local Bend veterinarian. Be sure to avoid feeding your dog table scraps, as this time of year they tend to have more fat or more sugar, either of which can be rough on your pup’s digestive tract.

Sweets can be especially harmful, especially chocolate. Remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs,  as well as grapes, and macadamia nuts. While you may have an overwhelming amount of turkey leftover, it’s important to remember that it’s covered in spicing, even just salt and pepper, that aren’t good for your dog. Spicing and seasoning will be rough on your dog’s digestive tract.


While you may have a living room covered in people at a holiday gathering, it’s important to be mindful of the alcohol that’s out. If drinks are being left unattended where your animals can get at them, you need to watch them. Alcohol isn’t good for pets, and if they have access to a cup on a low table or the floor they might drink it.


While plants don’t count as food, they’re more likely to be out and decorating your house this time of year. Keep holly, mistletoe, and especially poinsettia out of your pets reach. All of these plants can cause digestive problems with your dogs, and are highly toxic.