High-Tech Pet Toys & Accessories

It’s no secret that technology has crept into just about every corner of daily life. Technology has also made it into the lives of pets to help make life better for man and animal alike. Microchips have increased the chances of a lost pet getting returned to its owner, food bowls have become automated, and even the lowly litterbox has been upgraded to units with automatic functions. Here’s a look at the upcoming technology trends that pet owners can expect to see in the near future.

Keep Your Pet Fit as a Fiddle

Are you noticing that your dog is looking a little chunky lately? The FitBark can help you get your pup in shape via an activity monitor that attaches to the collar. It tracks multiple things that include sleep quality and length, calories burned, how much the dog has moved and general behaviors. You can connect the FitBark to a variety of smart devices on multiple platforms to help keep your dog in shape.

The Poof activity tracker is designed for both cats and dogs and works much the same as the FitBark. It’s normal for cats to be sedentary, but they can get out of shape and overweight the same as a dog. If your indoor cat is looking a little too fluffy, consider getting a cat wheel for some feline exercise and combine it with the Poof. You can track what the cat’s getting up to while you’re not home and whether you need to encourage more exercise or not.

Control Food Intake of Your Pets

Do you have a greedy gobbler? Or do you have multiple pets who aren’t picky about whose food they eat as long as they get something? Maybe you have a pet on a special diet and you have to isolate their feeding from other pets. Look into feeders that work with RFID chips on the pet’s collar. These types of feeders only open for the pet wearing a collar with a matching RFID chip. The pet walks up to the feeder, the chip in the feeder recognizes the signal from the collar chip and opens up. You can easily control and monitor food intake for each individual pet and not have to work as hard to make sure each pet gets their allotted portion.

Interactive Smart Toys

A number of smart toys for pets have come onto the market that work independently or with smartphone apps. The Wickedbone is designed for dogs, but it’s known to catch the interest of cats as well. This device looks like a bone, a dog can carry it like a bone, but it has an added element of surprise in that it can roll around the house under its own power. It has a smartphone app for manual control or can be set to automatic.

Mousr for cats is a wheeled feather toy with artificial intelligence. The toy motors around the home, moves unpredictably, hides, runs and works by itself or with a smartphone app. Turn it on, go to work and keep your cat stimulated throughout the day.

Technology takes some of the strain out of pet ownership with products that exercise, stimulate and feed cats and dogs as needed. No more worrying about leaving enough food out or coming home to an animal full of energy with today’s high-tech devices and toys.