Adopt A Cat Month

How to Celebrate International Cat Day on August 8

International Cat Day on August 8 is a day for celebrating the fabulous feline and taking a moment to reflect on the joy that cats bring into our lives. We put their funny videos up on the internet for everyone to laugh at, take pictures of their adorable faces when they’re sound asleep, and, at the end of the day, bask in the glow of their purring warmth. Following are some tips to help you celebrate International Cat Day with your cat.

Why Cats Make Great Pets

Living with cats is easy. They adapt well to living indoors and can reach upwards of 20 years in age which means many years of companionship. Caring for them is straightforward and they have a natural instinct to use a litterbox. No training necessary. In fact, cats require little in the way of introduction or training to adapt to living with people as long as they’re given space, food, a litter box and opportunities to exercise.

Cats are loving animals that aren’t shy about showing their affection. They may not be as enthusiastic as a dog is when it comes to demonstrating emotions, but there’s no denying the fact the reason why a cat is in your lap and purring is because she loves you.

Learn More About Your Cat’s Physiology

Did you ever notice that your cat walks with both legs moving on one side at a time? Or that scientists still aren’t quite sure how cats purr? Cats are masters at putting in an average of 16 hours of sleep every day, but they’re not nocturnal; they’re crepuscular. The more you know about your cat’s physiology, the better you can understand why they do some of the things they do. It also makes cat care easier and you’ll be able to explain your pet’s problems with clarity when visiting the veterinarian in Bend.

Provide the Best Cat Care You Possibly Can

Cats are considered low maintenance because they usually require less interaction than dogs. However, cats still need good quality care and maintenance to keep them healthy. It’s a good idea to groom a cat on a regular basis to reduce shedding and hairballs, feed them wet food to keep their bodies functioning at their best, and not declaw them. Make sure they’re kept up to date on their shots and get an annual blood test at the vet clinic in order to track changes in their bodily functions.

Have Some Fun on International Cat Day

Don’t have a cat? Make this your moment to adopt a cat or two from a local shelter and give them a great home. If you already have a clowder, volunteer at the shelter and give a helping hand. Look for ways to “catify” your home by mounting cat-friendly shelving on the walls or start planning a “catio” for safe outdoor time. Get a pet water fountain and encourage your cats to drink fresh water. Find a new cat toy that’s sure to stimulate and entertain your cat. Last, but not least, make some homemade treats out of tuna or their favorite protein for your cat to pounce on.