It’s National Pet Day! 5 Ways to Help Your Pet Live Its Best Life

Is it possible to love your pet any more than you already do? It’s National Pet Day today, which gives you the perfect opportunity to find out if you can give your pet more attention and affection than the rest of the year. The day is also intended to raise awareness of the plight of pets who are living in shelters and need a home. You might find that your current pet could use a companion. Use the reminder of National Pet Day to do something nice for your pet, consider helping out pets in a shelter through donation or adoption, and set up a time to see the veterinarian in Bend so your pet can get its annual bill of health.

1. Make That Annual Vet Check Appointment

The annual vet appointment at our vet clinic in Bend helps you keep ahead of your pet’s health issues that come about with genetics and age. The sooner a health condition is spotted, the sooner you can begin treatment or maintenance and extend your pet’s quality of life.

2. Regular Nail Trimming Keeps Your Pet Comfortable

Both cats and dogs tend to live lifestyles that don’t wear down their claws. Cats take care of their claw issues by sharpening them on scratching posts, but the veterinarian in Bend can trim them back as well. The vet knows how far back a cat’s claw can safely be clipped with the added bonus of the clipping lasting longer than a clipping at home.

Dogs usually wear down their nails by spending time outdoors and walking over various types of terrain. However, not all dogs are good at wearing down their claws naturally. Bringing your dog to your veterinarian in Bend for regular maintenance prevents the claws from becoming overgrown and painful.

3. Annual Dental Exams Identify Potential Mouth Problems

Dental exams for cats and dogs help keep their mouths healthy and comfortable. Cats and dogs can develop tartar, plaque, gingivitis, loose teeth and oral diseases the same as people. Scheduling an annual dental exam at our vet clinic in Bend helps you keep ahead of dental issues, so your pet stays healthy and capable of eating their regular foods.

4. Keep Up with Initial and Annual Vaccinations

Whether you have a kitten or a cat, a puppy or a dog, you need to stay current on their vaccinations and booster shots. Both kittens and puppies need initial vaccinations throughout the first year of their life to prevent common and often deadly diseases from taking hold. Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors on a regular basis need booster vaccines to help them stay ahead of potential infections. Schedule an appointment with our vet clinic in Bend to learn more about vaccinating your pets.

5. Maintain a Regular Deworming Schedule

Pets can pick up worms from their environment, transmission from an infected mosquito or flea, or eating things they shouldn’t. Parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and heartworms are all unwanted guests in your pet. Coming to our vet clinic in Bend for a regular deworming for your cats and dogs helps you stay ahead of the worms and prevents them from taking hold.