Leash tips for walking your dog

Dogs need to be walked on a daily basis to stay healthy and get some energy out. It’s important that your dog has good leash behavior or etiquette. Here are some tips, tricks and suggestions for better leash behavior.

Allow enough time

Make sure that you give yourself enough time to go on a walk. Different breeds need varying amounts of exercise every day. Some will be good with a 30-minute walk, and some may need an hour or more. Morning walks are better for most dogs, as dogs are diurnal and not nocturnal. You can ask your vet what he or she recommends for your dog, and how long your dog should be exercised daily. Often times, when a dog is acting out, and misbehaving it’s because they haven’t been exercised enough and they’re going a little stir crazy. A lot of behavioral issues can be worked out with a little exercise each day.

Using a short leash

When you use a shorter leash it allows you to have more control of your dog. It’s important to remember that you are the pack leader, not your dog. You should be walking them, rather than having them walk you. A collar with a leash attached should do the trick, unless your dog tends to pull. There are plenty of options for pullers. There are gentle leads, front clip harnesses and various collars. Talk to your vet to see what he or she would suggest. It’s important to walk in front of your dog, or at least have them walking by your side. Again this shows who the pack leader is. It’s important to make your dog wait before you walk through the door. If the dog walks first, then they often will walk first in the walk. It’s important that they know you are in charge so that they can better behave.

Feeding and rewarding them

It’s important for dogs to feel like they have earned something, or worked toward a reward. If you take your dog on walks in the morning and evening, a perfect reward is feeding them at home when you return from the walk. Another way to reward your dog, is to allow them to sniff around on the walk. If your dog is exhibiting good leash or walking behavior, a great way to reward them is to let them stop and smell things along the later portion of your walk.

It’s important to get your dog out of your house and yard, and take them on walks or to dog parks. Socialization and exercise are key to having a well behaved dog. Using rewards, in the form of a meal, or play time or treats, is always useful. Treats can be especially beneficial when teaching your dog not to pull. Ask your vet for other tips if you’re having trouble with your dog on leash.