National Justice for Animals Week: What You Need to Know About Animal Rights in Oregon

The National Justice for Animals week was created by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) to help raise awareness of crimes committed against animals. The ALDF is a not-for-profit charity that has student chapters with law schools across the country and also has an office in Portland, Oregon. The week-long awareness effort has a daily action that the public can take in terms of helping animals who are living in inhumane conditions and are treated cruelly.

The overall goal is to make the public aware of animal cruelty and the steps they can take to take action by encouraging the enacting of anti-cruelty laws. Following is a look at animal rights in Oregon and how you can learn more from an animal vet in Bend about what to do when you encounter animal cruelty.

National Justice for Animals Week of Action Plan

The ALDF has suggestions for actions that you can take to help animals find relief from cruelty. Here’s the list you can follow:

  • Identify the agency or agencies in the Bend area that are tasked with responding to animal cruelty, or check with your vet in Bend for the information.
  • Learn about the state animal protection laws for Oregon.
  • Write a letter to the local newspapers about a situation that involves animals that you’ve witnessed.
  • Sign up for Action Alerts which are issued by the ALDF.
  • Join the Animal Legal Defense Fund on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay informed.

If you find an animal that’s suffered at the hands of uncaring people, contact the Bend vet clinic for care as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when it comes to getting an abused animal the necessary veterinary care in Bend. You can save a life and give that animal a better future by taking a moment to care.

What is The Animal Legal Defense Fund?

The ALDF is a legal advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the lives of animals by introducing and improving new and existing laws in all 50 states. The organization brings lawsuits against animal abusers, sponsors a legal course in animal cruelty law for law school students in hundreds of law schools, and provides free legal assistance and training to prosecutors to help them in their prosecutions of animal abusers. The ALDF was founded in 1979 and has over 100,000 members to date.

What You Can Do to Help Prevent Animal Cruelty

The State of Oregon has defined laws about animal cruelty and when an abused animal needs veterinary care in Bend to repair damage from an abuser. Take the time to learn what constitutes animal cruelty to understand the difference between a moment of firm handling of an animal and outright abuse. You can talk to the staff at your Bend vet clinic to learn more about how different types of animals are handled, what looks offensive but is actually a safe way to restrain an agitated or uncooperative animal, and training methods that may look extreme, but are widely accepted by professionals. The more you can learn about what constitutes animal abuse, the more effective you can be at helping those without a voice