New Pet Tips

If you’re planning to get a pet around the holiday season, there are some things you should consider first. Whether the pet you plan to get is a puppy, kitty or more mature animal, there are things you need to plan for when you have a pet. Being a pet owner is a change of lifestyle for you and your family, or housemates. Make sure that you have time to care for the animal, exercise it and feed it.

Things you need to be prepared for

The first few weeks your pet is at your home is spent adjusting and learning a new routine. Make sure they know where their space is, by teaching them where their bed or crate is. Make that space a happy space, never discipline them in it, try feeding them meals or treats there. Getting a crate can be a great idea for some dogs.

Be sure to have the appropriate food for your new pet. Kittens and puppies have a lot of energy, so giving them a protein rich diet will help them to keep up. Dogs may be considered omnivores, but cats are strictly carnivores, eating only meat.

Pet proof your home

Make sure there aren’t things left out on counters and tables that your pet shouldn’t have access to. Remember, even though putting something on a high counter deterred toddlers, or other pets, cats may jump onto counter tops. So it’s best to put things away they shouldn’t have access to. The same goes for lower tables, you may be used to leaving snacks out on a low coffee table, but with a new and fast growing puppy, you may want to consider keeping snacks in a different place.

House training can present many problems, and it’s best to have a plan. Do some research and talk to your vet. Some breeds can be more difficult than others, and it’s best to know how your pet will respond to certain commands and routines.


If you do get a new pet, be sure to schedule an appointment with your local vet. It’s important to have an introductory checkup and assess any health concerns or breed specific problems you may face. Your vet will be able to offer tips and tricks for keeping your pet occupied and healthy.

Be sure you’re ready to commit to the full-time care of a pet, before you bring one into your home. They require a lot of energy and care, but are very rewarding. Making an appointment with a local vet can take a lot of the headache out of being a new pet owner. Vets will have lots of advice as to how to best train and care for a new pet.