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Pet Alternatives to Cats and Dogs

If you’ve ever wanted to get a cat or a dog, but don’t have the space needed, you might have wondered if there are good alternatives to canines or felines. Maybe you’re allergic to cats or dogs, but you still really want a pet to take care of. We’re here with some cat and dog alternatives, and what each of them require for care. Here are some domesticated and legal pet options.

Guinea Pigs

Lots of people love having guinea pigs as pets. If you’re allergic to pet dander you might want to make sure that your allergies won’t be affected by fluffy guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are small furry animals, and they’re gentle and easy to care for. Guinea pigs do need daily human attention to stay happy. It’s important to note that they are pack animals, and they’ll do much better with another guinea pig buddy. Guinea pigs eat hay, fresh veggies and pellets, so they’re diet is relatively easy to keep up with.

Bearded Dragons

These little reptiles have grown in popularity in recent years. These lizards are very gentle and easy to take care of. They’re great for families too. Something important to note is that they do require live food. They eat live crickets or worms and fresh veggies, so you will need to make a weekly trip to a pet store that carries live food.


Rabbits are another great choice for pets, if you like furry creatures. It’s important to remember, that like guinea pigs they need daily attention too.  Rabbits live on average at least 10 years, so the commitment to them is similar to a dog or cat. You need to be ready to care for this pet for a long time. Something else to consider, if you’re avoiding cats or dogs because of allergies, you should check and see if you’re allergic to rabbits too. Rabbits eat timothy hay, which causes some people allergies, so check and see if you’re allergic to that as well.


Who doesn’t love a good fishbowl? If you can’t have furry creatures, sometimes the best pet to have is a few fish. Depending on the kind of fish you get, the level of care will be different. Do your research and learn what type of fish you’re ready to care of. Look at water temperature, type of food, what kind of filters, and what size of aquarium you’ll need.

Other kinds of Pets

Other great pet alternatives for families include sugar gliders, chinchillas, hamsters, parakeets, or turtles. With all pets, it’s important to do the proper research required to have them. You want to make sure you’re able to care for them, in the ways they need to be cared for. Talk to your local Bend Veterinary Clinic if you have any questions on pet care with possible pets.