Probiotics for your Pet

If you’ve ever heard of pet probiotics, you may have wondered if it’s really beneficial for your furry friend. We’re here to break down the benefits of probiotics and how it can actually help things like digestive issues and more.

Digestive problems

If your dog or cat has digestive problems most veterinarians will recommend using probiotics to help them. Dogs and cats have very similar digestive tracts, but cats have much smaller stomachs and digestive tracts. If your pet is having a problem with the breakdown and absorption of food, they could be experiencing an upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea.

Dogs typically experience tummy problems due to things that they eat, that they shouldn’t. Cats on the other hand experience problems from germs or parasites that they eat in their prey. The reason your pets should take probiotics is the same as why a general practice doctor would recommend it to his human patients: having a health population of bacteria is health, and preventative against issues in the tummy.


If you give your pet probiotics they can lower intestinal pH, which helps your pet boost their own numbers of healthy bacteria. In turn, it also helps to lower the count of disease causing bacteria, which makes it harder for other pathogens to get into the tummy and wreak havoc.

If your pet faces poor immune function, probiotics could be very beneficial to them. It would help boost their immune system and help with any bacterial imbalances that they have. If your pet is ever fighting a bad infection, your Bend veterinary clinic might recommend that you incorporate probiotics into their diet to help them fight off the infection.

Take away

Talk to your Bend animal clinic about which probiotics they recommend for your dogs and cats. At Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Chad Moles recommends Forti Flora, which is made by Purina. Give Blue Sky a call today to ask your local veterinarian about the benefits of probiotics for your furry friend.