Spring Hazards for Your Pets

Springtime begins the renewal of the earth as it wakes up from its winter slumber. Doors are flung open and screens brought down, new growth emerges, and celebrations are planned. It’s also a good opportunity to make sure your home is secure and safe for your pets and to pay close attention to what they’re getting into when outside. Here’s a look at spring hazards for pets and how to play it safe while enjoying the weather.

Make Sure Window Screens are Secure

Screens can loosen over the winter from wind and temperature changes. Most of the time, pets respect the barrier that is the screen, but sometimes they get excited and rush them for various reasons. Disaster can strike for cats and dogs when a screen isn’t secured properly. Check screen fit when opening the windows for the first time and put up screens you took down for the winter before opening them. It’s a small extra step that goes a long way towards keeping your pets safe.

Keep Lilies and Toxic Foods Away From Pets

Easter lilies are toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure if ingested. Dogs won’t experience kidney failure, but they will have gastrointestinal distress if they consume an Easter lily. In the event you have a lily in the home, place it out of reach of pets, especially if there’s a plant chewer in the home.

The Easter bunny may have brought lots of chocolate and toys into the home this past weekend. Remember that the four-legged family members don’t need to share in the gifts of small toys that can be chewed up and ingested and that chocolate is out of the question for both dogs and cats. Chocolate contains theobromine which is poisonous for felines and canines.

Hot cross buns usually contain raisins which are poisonous to dogs. Don’t share your pastries with the dog no matter how much they beg. Raisins contain a concentrated form of a substance that’s toxic to dogs. Make sure to keep hot cross buns out of reach of your dog to keep them safe and check our list of toxic foods for pets.

Use Household Chemicals Carefully and Secure Them After Use

Springtime is a time for cleaning and refreshing. Make sure to clean away as much chemical residue as possible after cleaning. Put the products into pet-proof containers, then store them in a secure place that pets can’t get into. If you’re planning on painting, keep the pets out of the room until all work is done and air out the room before letting them in. If possible, use non-toxic and safe-for-pet products for your cleaning routines and keep everyone safe.

Restart Your Flea and Tick Prevention Routine

Sometimes people stop using flea and tick prevention products because there are fewer bugs in the winter. If this is the case for you, you should restart your flea and tick prevention routine as soon as possible. Both nuisance insects start reproducing as soon as the weather is warm enough and are happy to jump on a passing meal, such as your pet. Get ahead of flea season and protect your pets before they spend more hours outdoors.