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Internal Medicine Management

Internal Medicine Management

Internal medicine refers to the study and therapy of the inside systems of your companion animal: the lymph system, as it flows throughout the tissues and the lymph glands; the digestion, absorption and metabolism of the gastrointestinal system; the production of red and white blood cells and platelets from the bone marrow; the intricate ways in which hormones like cortisol help or hinder your pet’s daily activities. Our Bend veterinarians can diagnose and treat disorders from diabetes to diarrhea, including all things that cause a pet discomfort, or reduce their daily quality of life.

Is your cat suddenly drinking a lot of water, or filling the litter box faster? Is the kitty litter sticking to the fur on his feet? These are symptoms commonly seen in diabetes, which simple blood and urine testing can diagnose, and is treated by a change in diet and insulin injections—we can teach you how!

Has your hiking buddy suddenly lost energy? Is the hair on his tail starting to fall out? Is he gaining weight? Maybe he needs to have his thyroid hormone checked–a non-invasive blood test that can be performed quickly. Hypothyroid (low thyroid hormone) disease is common in dogs, but fortunately, it is a disease that is easy and relatively inexpensive to treat.

Does your dog have diarrhea or vomiting that comes and goes? Maybe she needs to have a work-up to help rule out hormonal, pancreatic or digestive issues, or even parasites or giardia, which is very common in our area.

Is your older kitty waking up at night and vocalizing? Does she seem to be hungry all of the time? We can perform a simple blood test to find out of her thyroid gland is hyperactive, and help find the medication that she will accept.

Our Bend vet team can also help in finding the right diet for your pet—not all diets are equal, and pet food marketing is a billion dollar industry. We can help you sort out the facts from the fluff. For instance, did you know that most cats will lose weight and become healthier if switched from a dry food to a canned food diet? But be careful, because if cats lose weight too quickly, they can end up with liver disease. Weight loss needs to be carefully monitored.

Since our pets cannot talk to us, and tell us exactly how they feel, we sometimes need to perform tests at our Bend vet clinic to help diagnose your pet and treat their illnesses with medicine or surgery. Our veterinarians can help determine which tests are needed, and which ones will not be helpful. They can also help guide you in the best therapy for you and your animal. Sometimes only a change in diet is needed. Other times medications will be prescribed to help alleviate your animal’s discomfort and treat the underlying disorder.

Our goal is to help your animal live the best, most comfortable life possible. We will work with you to find the right treatment style that fits your lifestyle; by helping you understand exactly what the problem is and explaining it in understandable ways. We want to help you and your pet have the best life possible, so if you are looking for a skilled Bend vet to diagnose and treat your pet, the Blue Sky pet hospital is here to help.